Baby foot massage.
Baby foot massage.

The world of infant massage is exciting.  Now parents have yet another parenting tool to help their children to feel loved and nurtured.  This is one of the most powerful form of communication with babies and young children.

There are so many benefits both psychological and physical for the well-being of babies, which makes it more exciting to share.

In so many cultures, touch is an important and normal part of the day.  It is accepted for nurturing, self-esteem building, health and every good reason helpful to a child.

Healing the World One Baby at a time

After a long day at work, this is a great way to reunite with your babies and older children at the end of your day.  A simple foot rub or hand massage for older children can do wonders to reduce the stress of the day.  For babies, massage will relax and help them to sleep much better and stronger.  Happy babies make for happier parents.

Mother massaging her little baby girl, shallow focus
massage relaxes baby


Massage for all ages

Infant massage maybe adapted for all ages.  If you as an adult have ever had a massage, you may remember how relaxing and soothing it can be.  There is much research that supports massage for children as they grow older to help with calming and reducing stress.

Both my kids, older now, still do enjoy the occasional foot rub or shoulder rub.  The easiest way to relax the whole body is to massage the feet and bottom of feet as in reflexology.

Kids love that no matter what age.  As kids get older, they maybe conscious of body image. Feet, hands and shoulders are comfortable areas to massage.  Relaxation is the key.

Chris and Mayanna – they appreciate foot rubs.



benefit from massage 
Massage is a wonderful stress-buster for teenagers. Oftentimes when we think about stress we think it’s just an adult condition; however, teens experience a myriad of different stressors. Some of the stressors teens deal with include the following:
  • Dating
  • Tests and homework
  • Too-high expectations
  • Relationships
  • Money problems
  • Family problems
  • Employment
“TRI researcher Maria Hernandes-Reif, Ph.D., says that one of the consistent findings in studies of the benefits of massage therapy is a reduction in stress and the stress hormone levels. “There is a relationship between stress and the immune system. If stress hormones are chronically elevated, the hormone cortisol will destroy the healthy immune cells that fight viruses and tumors and keep the immune system healthy. If you can reverse that, you not only reduce stress but also reduce stress hormones, allowing the immune system to bounce back and do its job, which is to heal the body and keep it healthy.”

Healing the World, one baby at a time

Children are non-judgmental and divine.  They love everything. They enjoy life and living as it’s meant to be enjoyed.  They see the world with loving and curious eyes.  Everything is interesting and new to them.  Their brains have amazing capacities for learning and storing information.  They soak up love. They soak up living.  They soak up wisdom.  They are playful and energetic.  At this young age, their vision and creativity is astoundingly authentic.

A child’s daily goal is to live and love.  Having fun and enjoying the moment is usually their motivation.  Laughter and simplicity seems to help their growth in an intelligent and happy way.   Continuous positive experiences is all that is needed for their personalities and brains to blossom.

Infant Massage provides all of these things:

a) gentle touch is love and helps to create brain connections,

b) children need to feel safe and happy in an environment that supports their growth and development.

c) playing and laughing with children and babies creates bonding and life long positive connections.

Music for Calming

Instant Calm listening to AMI-TOMAKE.

I used this music each time I have a massage class or wanted some calming myself.

When my son was in 3rd grade, he was on his way to the hospital to get blood drawn for a procedure he was undergoing.  As expected he was nervous and afraid.  The best way for me to think about helping him to be comfortable was to sing him the Infant Massage song “Ami Tomake” to him while his blood was being drawn.  The nurse working with him, mentioned how calming the sound was and that my son seemed fairly relaxed during the process.
We had gotten used to singing and playing this song at our home if we wanted everyone to settle down.  I love the ability to find something that really works to help with calming adults, situations and babies.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was required to get an amniocentesis.  I was a nervous wreck but once again “Ami Tomake” saved me.  I plugged my headphones in and focused on thinking positive through out the procedure.  The doctor later asked me what I was listening to because I was the calmest of patients he had seen.

This music is not only used for massaging baby but also for general calming of family members.  That is how we used it.  It is soothing and comforting.

Use it anytime needed, for work or home, family and stressful situations in addition to infant massage.


Massaging Stomach area

The SUN & MOON Stroke

Several years ago, I remember an incident where my mother was feeling discomfort in her stomach area. Not knowing the exact cause of the stomach ache, I immediately turn to infant massage strokes as a “fix all”. She laid down and I massage her stomach area using the Sun & Moon Stroke.

Whether it was food discomfort or gas discomfort, the strokes helped her tremendously. Typically strokes for the stomach area will help to relieve gas pains, helps with constipation, upset stomach and general comfort in that area.

Starting from LEFT TO RIGHT, horseshoe format, glide your hands from pelvic area in and towards chest area, under sternum, over belly button to the right side of stomach, down towards right pelvic area.

Upsided down C format.  Stay in the stomach region of your body. Do this stroke for several times. Pressure gentle for younger children and more firm for adults.

What is Reflexology?

What is reflexology?

noun: reflexology
    a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body.
    the scientific study of reflex action as it affects behavior.


(Thomas age 13, enjoying reflexology Christmas morning)
Use over time for: reflexology

Brain Development & Touch

The parietal lobe carries out some very specific functions. As a part of the cortex, it has a lot of responsibilities and has to be able to process sensory informatiimageon within seconds.

The parietal lobe is where information such as taste, temperature and touch are integrated, or processed. Humans would not be able to to feel sensations of touch, if the parietal lobe was damaged.


10 Reasons to Practice Infant Massage

  1. imageIt reduces stress,
  2. It’s relaxing,
  3. Babies sleep stronger,
  4. It teaches appropriate touch & respect,
  5. It stimulates growth – brain development, digestive, etc.,
  6. It’s emotionally healthy – gentle touch is love,
  7. It’s great bonding time with parent & baby,
  8. It’s a communication tool,
  9. It may help to reduce colic, hence improve comfort,
  10. It promotes overall wellness.  Happy babies leads to happy parents.