Music for Calming

Instant Calm listening to AMI-TOMAKE.

I used this music each time I have a massage class or wanted some calming myself.

When my son was in 3rd grade, he was on his way to the hospital to get blood drawn for a procedure he was undergoing.  As expected he was nervous and afraid.  The best way for me to think about helping him to be comfortable was to sing him the Infant Massage song “Ami Tomake” to him while his blood was being drawn.  The nurse working with him, mentioned how calming the sound was and that my son seemed fairly relaxed during the process.
We had gotten used to singing and playing this song at our home if we wanted everyone to settle down.  I love the ability to find something that really works to help with calming adults, situations and babies.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was required to get an amniocentesis.  I was a nervous wreck but once again “Ami Tomake” saved me.  I plugged my headphones in and focused on thinking positive through out the procedure.  The doctor later asked me what I was listening to because I was the calmest of patients he had seen.

This music is not only used for massaging baby but also for general calming of family members.  That is how we used it.  It is soothing and comforting.

Use it anytime needed, for work or home, family and stressful situations in addition to infant massage.


Massaging Stomach area

The SUN & MOON Stroke

Several years ago, I remember an incident where my mother was feeling discomfort in her stomach area. Not knowing the exact cause of the stomach ache, I immediately turn to infant massage strokes as a “fix all”. She laid down and I massage her stomach area using the Sun & Moon Stroke.

Whether it was food discomfort or gas discomfort, the strokes helped her tremendously. Typically strokes for the stomach area will help to relieve gas pains, helps with constipation, upset stomach and general comfort in that area.

Starting from LEFT TO RIGHT, horseshoe format, glide your hands from pelvic area in and towards chest area, under sternum, over belly button to the right side of stomach, down towards right pelvic area.

Upsided down C format.  Stay in the stomach region of your body. Do this stroke for several times. Pressure gentle for younger children and more firm for adults.