The Many Benefits of Massaging babies and Children of all ages:

One day my 14 year old son complained of a stomach ache.  Not knowing exactly what the specific cause was, we immediately do two things.  This was always reflexour quick
fix to many concerns relating to the stomach.  Just the gentle rubbing and massaging that area on the bottom of his foot, as shown in the reflexology diagram, helped him to feel better in minutes.

  1. Massage the spot on the bottom of his feet that represents his stomach area, and
  2. Rub the stomach area using the Sun & Moon stroke


Generic benefits of Massage:

  • Relaxation
  • Boundaries – good touch,
  • Wellness:  touch is healing in many ways,
  • Helps to promote weight gain in pre-mature babies,
  • Promotes better sleep,
  • Helps to develop digestive systems,
  • Helps in reducing colic symptoms.



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