Fire in the Belly

Fire in the Belly enthusiasm is the feeling and excitement that launches a person forward.

My motivational and business seminars highlights a person’s fire in the belly enthusiasm. provides customized training to meet every need and person. The organization is only as strong as the person working there.



I love watching the sparkle come back into people’s eyes when they realize “I am worthy.”   When a person realizes that he/she has the ability and the capability, it’s a confident moment.  Expect great things.

Some topics of interest have included
1)  True Colors Personality Seminars  (
2) Goal Setting Made Fun
3) Reducing Stress and Creating a Positive Work place

I remember working with a group of older women in a goal setting seminar.  I asked everyone
to think of one thing they would do if they had all the resources in the world with no limitations.  One woman couldn’t think of anything she wanted to do.  She said that she was content with her life.  “Excellent,” I said.  Then I asked her later, “just wondering, what brought you to this seminar?”  “Anything specific that peaked your curiosity?”   Something in the description of the seminar must have sparked an interest within her.  I just wanted to nudge her a little… maybe to dig deeper to hear what her thoughts really were.   Sometimes we’re afraid to say.

She thought about it and then admitted yes….. in a quiet, shy voice, she shared an idea of something she really wanted to do.

Whatever her answer was, would have been the right thing for her, even if she came up with no answer.  Sometimes we are afraid to grow and wish for more.  We are worthy of everything great.