Healing the World, one baby at a time

Children are non-judgmental and divine.  They love everything. They enjoy life and living as it’s meant to be enjoyed.  They see the world with loving and curious eyes.  Everything is interesting and new to them.  Their brains have amazing capacities for learning and storing information.  They soak up love. They soak up living.  They soak up wisdom.  They are playful and energetic.  At this young age, their vision and creativity is astoundingly authentic.

A child’s daily goal is to live and love.  Having fun and enjoying the moment is usually their motivation.  Laughter and simplicity seems to help their growth in an intelligent and happy way.   Continuous positive experiences is all that is needed for their personalities and brains to blossom.

Infant Massage provides all of these things:

a) gentle touch is love and helps to create brain connections,

b) children need to feel safe and happy in an environment that supports their growth and development.

c) playing and laughing with children and babies creates bonding and life long positive connections.

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