Baby foot massage.
Baby foot massage.

The world of infant massage is exciting.  Now parents have yet another parenting tool to help their children to feel loved and nurtured.  This is one of the most powerful form of communication with babies and young children.

There are so many benefits both psychological and physical for the well-being of babies, which makes it more exciting to share.

In so many cultures, touch is an important and normal part of the day.  It is accepted for nurturing, self-esteem building, health and every good reason helpful to a child.

Healing the World One Baby at a time

After a long day at work, this is a great way to reunite with your babies and older children at the end of your day.  A simple foot rub or hand massage for older children can do wonders to reduce the stress of the day.  For babies, massage will relax and help them to sleep much better and stronger.  Happy babies make for happier parents.

Mother massaging her little baby girl, shallow focus
massage relaxes baby


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